Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Day After

This is the day after St. Patrick's day, the day after my father-in-law's birthday, he's 91, the day after the anniversary of my Mother-in-law's death, the day after yesterday. I guess we can always say it is the day after something, or the day before something, but do we have a good memory to dredge up when saying this? What we should be focused on is today. Today is the only day we have to actually do new things, attempt doing what we didn't do yesterday and may not live to try tomorrow.

Yesterday, holds many memories, some good, some fun and some sad. I didn't add a new one to my list for March 17th this year. Now, it is too late. So, I think tomorrow I'd like to be able to say--This is the day after I lived for today. How about you? What new thing will be added to your memory list? What will you be able to say to complete this sentence? This is the day after...