Friday, August 30, 2013


Outside my French doors, our Shepherd paces the length of the brick walkway, anxious, back and forth, back and forth. He's never quite sure where he should be when one of us is gone and one of us is in the house. His eyes hone in on mine. I can see the words behind them, "Do I come in and guard you, or do I stay here and watch for his return? He sighs and returns to pacing.
Such loyalty, such caring, he exhibits. I was lucky that day nine years ago, at Foothills Humane Society-Polk County, when a gangly pup came barreling from the outside run to inside my heart. Time for me to show I care. The bench on the front porch will be a good place to read and for him to lie by my side as we wait for Bob. Have a loving evening, all.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Child Play

Outside my French doors sits Summer. It's my favorite time of the year and right now Miss Summer is showing her gentle, sunny side, a perfect day. I want to go lounge in a chair under a shade tree and get lost in a good book, or run barefoot through the grass chasing butterflies.
I want the memory of childhood, the feeling of endless hours exploring the world, from morning until twilight when the fireflies come to signal  night is near. I remember dragging out the hose as a kid and skipping through the sprinkler. It is time to slip through my French doors to do something summery as an adult.
Instead of stepping back in time, I chose to clean my horse trailer, without the aid of a power washer, and visualize water spraying over me as I wet things down. It will be a mature way of recapturing a childhood moment, I think.
It is not right to turn a kid's memory into a something it is not meant to be. Crappy horse trailer, splashing water and me, do not equal fun. I turn off the water, job done, and drip my way back to the house. 
Lesson learned: Being an adult can take all the fun out of playing in the hose. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Night and Day

Outside my French doors, I can't see a thing. Dark hides the stars, and the enticing shadows I normally see cast by the light of the moon. Disappointment blackens my mood, but then, I think of the day that has passed. Rain, clouds, sun, teased me with possibilities. It's easy to see in the light of day.
I chose to go to the mountain and write. Words came in bursts, changing with the movement of the weather. In the daylight, I could see the beginnings and the endings of ideas. It was possible to make a plan, and  plot a course.
In the night,  the beginning seems hidden, as does the end. It is a world of dreams, true adventures of the mind kind. As my vision adapts to the blackness of the evening, I begin to see. I realize, sometimes, in the darkest moment one can see the clearest.
Day and night combined can a moment in a life make, but also a lifetime can be realized in a moment. This concept hides in the ink of evening, eludes me in the darkness, yet I know there is something out there waiting for me to grasp its goodness and meaning. There is a reason for this night of no moon, no stars. Outside my French doors there is life waiting to be discovered.

Monday, August 19, 2013

I Am Animal

Most of my day was spent inside and by late in the afternoon I realized I was feeling a bit down. It hit me, I am an animal at heart. Life without being outside, is not living, it is existence, lacking the color, taste, and feel of being alive. I need fresh air on my skin to breathe, the sight of the sky to see, the brush of plant life to feel. It's simple, and such a wonderful thing, knowing what makes your heart sing. 

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Tiny Bird Brains

Outside my French doors, life is full of surprises. Today, I went hunting with Green Creek Hounds. I was surprised, though I don't know why, that so many came after the night's/early morning rain. GCH has true fox hunting diehards as members. We had a blast and lingered afterwards, sharing snacks and stories.
Back at the farm as I was unloading my horse, I heard baby birds chirping. I looked up at the trees high above, over at the barn edges and could not find a nest. The babies sounded near, like they were in the trailer. I peered inside, though since I keep the trailer shut tight when not using it I couldn't imagine they'd be in there. They weren't. I was beginning to think I was developing a new form of ringing in the ears.
Using my not-so-keen hearing I crept around the trailer. I felt a bit silly, until, lo and behold, I found the nest in a most unlikely spot. Some silly momma made a nest behind the spare tire attached to the side of the trailer!
This is a trailer I use often, so those little puffballs have been traveling since they were laid. I can hear the babies, see part of the nest, but not all. The babies are not visible, but they are loud. I parked the trailer back in its spot and crossed my fingers.
I hope mom didn't have a heart attack while the kids were out cruising. The little peeps have quite a tale to relay to her. And, I imagine they lives are ruined. They will be speed freaks and not understand why they can't fly as fast as their mobile home. I can hear them now cheeping to each other. I'm sure they are saying, "Momma must be a real birdbrain."

But, not as crazy as this hummingbird, who stopped to read my husband's notepad!