Monday, August 26, 2013

Child Play

Outside my French doors sits Summer. It's my favorite time of the year and right now Miss Summer is showing her gentle, sunny side, a perfect day. I want to go lounge in a chair under a shade tree and get lost in a good book, or run barefoot through the grass chasing butterflies.
I want the memory of childhood, the feeling of endless hours exploring the world, from morning until twilight when the fireflies come to signal  night is near. I remember dragging out the hose as a kid and skipping through the sprinkler. It is time to slip through my French doors to do something summery as an adult.
Instead of stepping back in time, I chose to clean my horse trailer, without the aid of a power washer, and visualize water spraying over me as I wet things down. It will be a mature way of recapturing a childhood moment, I think.
It is not right to turn a kid's memory into a something it is not meant to be. Crappy horse trailer, splashing water and me, do not equal fun. I turn off the water, job done, and drip my way back to the house. 
Lesson learned: Being an adult can take all the fun out of playing in the hose. 

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