Monday, June 22, 2009

Flash 40 contest at Editor Unleashed is winding down

and my story "One one-hundreds of a Second" is in the top ten on .

A few more days left in the voting phase. Thanks for all that have read my piece! I'm excited for all who entered. If they are like me, they've learned a great deal about writing from reading all the entries. And, about human psychology by watching the ratings ebb and flow. Thanks to Maria and Smashwords for putting this on. I'll be gone when it's over, but will announce who won it all and where I ended up when I return. Best of luck to all my Nudger buds in the contest. Best of luck to everyone.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Editor Unleashed

A couple more stories you might enjoy if you get over to EditorUnleashed . Jim Bernheimer's, one called Hot Pink Jeans and Ravenne's. Of course there are many that are excellent. These are just some of my favorites. Enjoy and rate your favorites or all of them.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Editor Unleashed

There is a contest on . I have a story entered. Go and read and tell me what you think. You will have to join to read and vote, but there are some great stories on there. Look for Ten One-hundreds Of A Second, by DeborahB, that's me on page 14 of the contest called Flash Fiction 40. Also, check out my friends, (JRhoades, JohnOBX, both on page 14 with me), Kim (kenaipi; page 13), (drwasy; page 10) and (Margie on page 7).
Look forward to hearing from you.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Hunter Pace Award

Yesterday, I took my thoroughbred on a hunter pace. This is a marked trail ride that you try to do at the speed of a hunt. It is timed and the closest to the optimum time, unknown to the riders, wins. Everyone wears a number and there is a start judge and a finish judge. I've yet to do well. This time I was determined to finish in a "feel good" place.

My horse, Rustic, decided about a third of the way through that we were going entirely too slow. When I made him walk, he cantered in place, when I made him trot, he cantered almost in place, when I let him canter he sighed with contentment. "At last," I could feel him thinking, "she's gotten the message. Beautiful day, wonderful trails, it's time to thank God by using all the talent He's given us."

How did we place? In our minds we won the biggest smile and happiest horse award, definitely a "feel good" performance. In the minds of the judges, we were way too fast.