Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank You Veterans

Outside my French doors, it is a Thank You day. Men and women who have served our country are being honored. Our little town nearby is preparing for the Veteran's Day parade, special speeches will be made throughout the states. I take time to reflect on what this means, to go off into the unknown, to give of yourself to the service of your country, to face bravely situations and people you do not know.

Approaching others in any situation, can be hard. If you were raised like me, you were programmed to not bother your fellow humans, but we have the freedom, defended by the above Armed Forces members, to express ourselves. Today, is a perfect time to take advantage of that freedom.

If, you see an American, who has had the courage to give the gift of service to our county, stop and applaud, say a few words, or buy their drink or meal. Today, let's show we appreciate their courage and be brave enough to say Thank You.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Hawks Soar

Hawks Soar

November on the mountain is filled with yellow ochre, sap green, burnt sienna, and quiet.  The voices of nature touch caress your senses. The voice of hope touches your heart. Wrapped in the blanket of autumn I am able to listen, take a step closer to knowing what it means to be.
A friend has a relative struggling to stay in this world. I have a friend doing the same. I watch as another leaf loosens its hold upon the poplar tree, whose roots cling to the cliff edge. I whisper goodbye. The leaf skitters across the deck, makes a sound, like a little person scurrying to catch the last train leaving from a station.
I shut my mind from that image, and look outward, toward the mountains across the gorge, seeking something to hold onto. The sky is graying, the sun is fading. I am filled with uncertainty.
What will happen to my friend’s relative, what will happen to my friend? I am silent as I hurl this question heavenward.  I lean on the deck rail and will myself to simply be. After awhile, I let go of the questions and stare, nowhere and everywhere.  The scene brings peace to my heart. A sharp keen note splits the silence.
A hawk passes before me. He disappears to the south. I want the bird to circle, unready to let this vision go, but I know that is a selfish wish on my part. He needs to journey on.
November on the mountain is filled with pulsing color and quiet.  November prepares us for winter. And, if you are still, if you can simply be, a hawk soars.