Monday, December 10, 2012

Night of Nights

            Night Of Nights

            On this night of nights
            Snow squeaks under my boots
            Sounds like little Christmas mice
            Fighting over cookies and milk
            I remove one glove, then the other
            Loosen the girth, slide the saddle off
            Give my chestnut mare a quick brush
            Several pats on her warm thick coated neck
            A blue glow from a bright star
            Forges a path across the winter landscape
            Reveals neat hoof prints that mark the way
            From whence we have come
            Yes, we
            Though I traveled undetected
            Upon the broad back of my companion
            Could I prove I was there
            Perhaps not
            Take it on faith I will say if challenged
            The place journeyed to
            Found several years ago
            When I dropped the reins
            Gave my mare her head
            Feels close to Heaven
            Tonight, this night, I left prayers
            She trimmed around the tombstone
            Upon which the light always shines brightest
            Infant boy-A child of God- the inscription reads
            Each year it is the same and each year
            I marvel at the sight
            My mare moves so unerringly to
            Animals in the stable talk at midnight
            Or so it is said
            In honor of a birth long ago
            Does my mare speak of the wonders we have seen
            I do not know
            Will have to take it on faith
            Our yearly trek complete
            I lead my mare into the barn
            Settle her in with sweet feed and carrots
            Gloves back on, I give her one last pat
            Pull the heavy wooden door closed
            Shut in the incense of horses, hay and miracles
            Snow squeaks under my boots
            On this night of nights