Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Yoga pose or dead pretzel?

Yoga seemed extra hard today and I am beginning to wonder if I am meant to be bent into the shape of a pretzel. Perhaps, I'm meant to be one of those straight pretzel sticks? One that will definitely break if you try to bend it. Then there is that relaxation bit at the end of a rigorous yoga workout. Relax your toes, relax your fingers, relax your face. Relax my face? Heck tension is all that is keeping this aging skin from turning into a sagging bag of wrinkles. And, another thought to ponder, there are those super yoga gurus, twisted into impossible poses, the picture of perfect serenity on their face. Could it be they are actually dead from being bent out of shape so often? You never see them move or talk, only pictures of them still as a cadaver.
Yep, I'm not sure anymore about the benefits of this yoga stuff, but I will try to remain flexible in my thinking on the subject and will practice the corpse pose often, just in case someone wants to take my picture.

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Karen said...

Hi Mom! Glad to here you are "shaping up" nicely! Although I am not sure about practicing this corpse thing. It is a beautiful day here in NYC. I hope to get out and enjoy some of the sunshine before the evening settles in.