Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Year, New Writing Goals

Time to get going on this again. It's been awhile, but life got in the way. I'm spending way to much time on Writer's Digest forum. It's fun and you can see some of my work there under posts by Deborah B. I plan to write everyday this year, at least some of the time on my novel Painted Black. I need to get it out there. It's like a noose around my creativity now. Keeps me from forging ahead because I haven't completed the rewrite and given the agents a chance to reject it. How about you? What are your goals?
I read some of the younger writers words and feel almost old fashioned in my story telling. What keeps me going is I know there are a lot of boomers out there who read! All for now.


Linda said...

Calming blog - love the green. I KNOW what your NY goals are this year, and know you'll get there. Peace, Linda
P.S. Can't wait for the new season of Idol.

The Granny said...

Boo Hoo - I just got into the WD forum, and clicked on your "Trapped By An Angel" but you've taken it down! After all the nice things I read from the other posters, I really would like to read it.

Do you have it "just laying around somewhere" by any chance? ... LOL