Friday, May 02, 2008

Name A Horse Novel

Bought a horse last week and I need to think of a barn name for him. Perhaps you can help? His registered name is Country Wild. He's a tall, skinny thoroughbred off the track about a year, and totally not what I was looking for. Except for his mind. He has the best attitude and the calmest disposition of any TB I've ever known. He actually stands when I ask him to, goes when I want him to, and whoas when it's my idea. I'd thought I was too old for a ex-race horse, so it's good to know there's at least one more face in the wind, get up and gallop dream chaser in my life.

Maybe I'll quit working on my mystery for awhile and write about an over fifty, bad backed writer finding the one horse on which she can fulfill her dream of riding in the local Hunters Division of the Steeplechase before she turns sixty. She lives in a small town in the country and is experiencing writer's procrastination. Browsing instead of working she stumbles upon this horse. The horse's name could be Novel...

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