Monday, April 12, 2010

Reading and Riding Lesson

I read a blog this morning called Simply Wait and continued the good feeling started yesterday when I went riding with friends.

It was a sunny day in Gowensville, South Carolina, where Mother Nature is in full dress. The three of us were on a hunter pace and I was the leader, being on the longest legged horse.

In the beginning my horse, Rustic, kept pulling me up out of the saddle as if to say, "Let's go, look, the world is waiting for us." I told him over and over, "No, slow down. We're being cautious, learning patience, watching for slick spots. I don't want to wipe out."

The trails twisted through woods filled with the soft green of spring, crossed wooden bridges over fresh rain filled water. We cantered across green pastures, and, yes it felt like I was living in a bible verse.
Still, I kept saying, "Slow down, behave, mark the time, do it right." Every ride can teach us something and I was determined this thoroughbred would learn to listen, that he couldn't always have his way.

After an hour and twenty minutes we were near the end. My horse gave another half-hearted tug on the reins. This time I let him go. We galloped the last fifty yards. My ex-racer stretched out his stride and I widened my smile. It was the best part of the ride and over way too fast.

As I unsaddled and offered Rustic some water, it hit me, I was the one who learned something new. Rustic was relaxed now and I was energized. That had happened in the last fifty yards. Life is too short to hold back, follow your heart, end on a gallop.


Kim said...

OOh, I love that -- 'end on a gallop'.

Thanks for sharing Deborah. :)

Anonymous said...

I felt I was riding with you, it sounded wonderful and you're right we should live each day to the fullest.

DeborahB said...

Thank you ladies. I am a very lucky person, riding a horse is like therapy. :) Glad you enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

We really can learn so much from the horses if we only listen and pay attention. Thanks for sharing!