Wednesday, April 24, 2013

American Idol, the train has left

American Idol is like a good song destroyed by a bad singer this year. The voices are great, but… Now, they're saying wait for the surprise twist tomorrow night. Well, duh, I bet it's that they will use the save they were supposed to have used by # 5. Why? Because they need another week of eliminations. Makes this week basically useless. Too bad, these wonderful women singers are on this year when the powers that be are turning this show into
a slow motion train wreck. Oh, well. Idol, I've enjoyed the ride, but more than likely this year will be my last ride. 

My pick for who will get eliminated if I'm wrong about the save? Candace (or however you spell her name). Wonderful singer, but picked songs that didn't create a wow moment.
This is simply my opinion. I hope I have it totally wrong.

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