Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Outside my French doors, summertime is back! No rain, no gloomy sky, simply sunshine and butterflies. I wonder if butterflies emerge from their cocoons, blink, stretch, and suddenly finding they are flying, hold their breath in delight at the metamorphous?
I wonder that about people, too, those who make hard choices and change things about themselves, then suddenly find their life is better, that they are soaring above all the negatives that had kept them anchored, do they hold their breath until they trust the new person they have become? I hope, if they do, it's not for long. Each breath is too precious to hold in. I hope they exhale with joy. I wonder about myself, the things that hold me down, then I glance again at the day awaiting me.
I stop pondering and imagine bare feet, cut-offs, and hair spun up out of the heat. Then, I make it happen. My own version of a summer metamorphous over, I open my French doors and step out to explore this spread your wings kind of day. Let's go fly!

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