Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Cost of Loving a Horse

I spent the morning in the barn watching my horses get new shoes. Custom made, shiny silver rims for their feet that would enhance their way of going, make them more comfortable and cause someone watching them move say, "Nice."

Then I looked down at my mud covered, steel toed work boots and saw my friend Jill's bright new clogs instead. She'd posted pictures of them on Facebook and her excitement over her new acquisitions leapt off the page. What is wrong with me, I thought. I should be writing a check for my own movement enhancing, feel good apparel, not spending all my money on these beasts. Image, my thirty-two year old Thoroughbred snorted. He only got a trim, not a set of shoes.

I glanced at him. Perhaps, I could use his share of the horse budget to buy myself some Jill-like happiness?

Then, I really looked at Image. His hips show his age, his coat, too. His time here is finite. And, I knew my thoughts of clogs making me happier than being in the barn with this old horse were no more than daydreams.

The reality is, if new shoes might keep Image around longer, I'd happily go barefoot.

Image, Bob and Kernan


John Wiswell said...

It ends on a very sweet sentiment. May neither of you go around barefoot. All our times are finite - we ought to enrich and enjoy one another with what we've got.

DeborahB said...

Thanks for reading, John. Yeah, I know all our times are finite, but couldn't think of another word that said "his days are numbered" without sounding overly dramatic. :)