Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Value of A Smile

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Because of life recently getting in the way of living as usual I've found myself examining each day a bit more. Asking, what did I do that made me smile? What did I do to brighten someone else's morning or afternoon or moment?

Today, it's easy to answer the first question. I'm looking out my window at my three horses munching their way across the field, headed for the steep hill. I know when they get there a race will start to see who can get to the front pasture first. Heels will kick in the air, necks will arch, bodies will twist in joy. It's quite a sight and always makes me smile.

Image, my 32 year old TB will come in last, but not for lack of trying and he will have a blast playing the young stud, if for just a brief moment. He always reminds me, no matter our lameness, age, or condition there are bright spots if you keep on keepin' on.

What have I done for another? I scolded my husband for not eating enough protein. That may not sound like something to brighten his day, but he knows it shows I care. It brought a smile to his face. Sometimes, no often, simply doing something that shows a person matters to you is all it takes. His smile does that for me.

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