Tuesday, February 12, 2013

On the Right Side of the Fence

A bit ago, I stepped outside my French doors and breathed in the silence, trying to clear the jumble of thoughts in my head. My body stilled and slowly I began to hear, the peep of a wren, the caw of a crow, the trill of a bird I do not know. Spring teased the mid-February morning and I stepped off the porch and wandered between the broken acorns and long stem grass.
My gaze slid to the right at the sound of a soft sigh. Horses stood watching me. I wandered toward them and they toward me. We met at the three board fence. I bowed my head and saw tiny blue flowers straddling the barrier, indigo bits of happiness shared between us. That was the answer I'd been seeking.
My hand wandered to soft ears, silken noses. One yawned, the other nuzzled and I could feel myself sliding into that place called peace. Wishing all such a moment today.

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