Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Equal Rights

To be honest, I am scared to post the below, and I don't like that in myself. But, I'm not very courageous. It is easier to remain silent on controversial subjects. Then again, no one may read this, but it's important for me to change me. So, today, I'm daring to be brave. For me the right thing to do is speak up.

Look at my new profile symbol. To me, it is a symbol for unity and equality. Those are words I learned as a child. They are words/meanings our country is built on, I was taught. I believe that we strive hard to live up to them. It's one of the things I love about being an American.

We citizens have experienced growing pains understanding those two words. Pain that has hurt many, but helped even more. For over 200 years, we've slowly learned about unity and equality, and we've been able to change, see others as equals when we never could before.  We have a chance to learn an even deeper meaning for unity and equality as an outcome of the events of today. I pray we do.

I take the right being discussed in the Supreme Court today for granted. Many can't.

To form a civil union - in our country called marriage, with the one you love and with whom you share your life and assets, should be a right of all Americans. No question. "Equal rights" is part of the USA foundation.

So for today, though the box I chose to live in may be of a more conventional color than someone else's, I am hoping for support of a deeper understanding of equal rights in the United States of America. So what if their box is painted like a rainbow and mine is pink and blue. As the Supreme Court listens to arguments on fellow American's rights to marry in California, I hope we all focus on unity and equality. My status symbol represents that.

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