Thursday, March 21, 2013

Weather, I Wish

Weather, I Wish

Straight down like glass bullets, the rain targets the earth. The thunder, invisible shot in the sky, causes our dogs to move, restless, anxious, listening. I look outside. The atmosphere is very disturbed. I watch for lightning. I like to make a wish when I see it.

The canines circle, settle at my feet. Ears pricked, bodies tremble, the message is clear. Danger.

Poor innocent dogs, I think, they don't have a clue what's going on. I murmur reassurance, confident, perhaps a bit overly so, lightning choses its victims at random, that all will be well and the bad weather will pass without inflicting pain. Why do I think this?

Sometimes, before a storm is near, I see the worry in the dogs eyes, or cows lying down in a field, and know I'd better get the outside chores done. Today was one of those days. The hay is in the run-in and I'm in the house. I've learned to read some signs and feel unafraid, confident. I'm so smart…Or have I simply been lucky?

My ears prick. Stories begin to swirl around me. I listen to sounds hard to understand. Another storm is brewing, but this one is an inner one. The thunder in my head is making me restless, making me cower from visions I try to avoid, the senseless deaths of innocents, the hatred some have of those different from themselves, the irrational fears of misguided souls. I feel like the dogs, I don't have a clue as to the 'WHY?' behind the chaos. Sometimes, what happens outside my French doors makes me sad, makes me tremble.

My melancholy eases as the dogs settle and the sky stills, and in an instant, hope takes its place.

If, we humans learn to watch more closely, learn to listen better with our feelings, then won't our world have a chance of being a haven where all are safe from the storms created in disturbed minds?

The weather I cannot control begins to rumble, again. Lightning flashes.

If, we cannot be safe, then my wish is that we will always be lucky.

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