Sunday, June 16, 2013

Highs and Lows

The morning looks different when viewed from the mountain. More sky, less ground, a sensation of floating above the day to come, and fresh air invigorated. That is how I felt when I awoke for the first time at Donothin this AM.
Then, we came down to earth at the Waffle House where we learned they will be closed for two weeks for remodeling. Boo. But, making the best of things, we put in a request for bigger booths.
Next on the list was the farm. We were greeted by the animals that make us feel special and the chores that go with them. Dogs dashed to us, horses galloped to the barn and the cat vocalized her non-need of humans, but a loud demand for breakfast.
Mid-day I met a friend for a great trail ride. Half way through, horse on idle in the creek, I watched the current and let my thoughts stream through the joy I call my life.
A mountain and the foothills kind of day gave the term 'highs and lows' in my world a new meaning. I smile and say a silent Thank You as I wait to go meet friends at the Brick for pizza. Have a wonderful evening all.

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