Sunday, June 09, 2013

Kash, "A Mudder? Surely, you jest."

Today, Kash and I joined my friend Janet Cummings and her horse on a trail ride. I was a bit nervous. Kash hasn't had many outings. Our first challenge came not long into our ride. Recent rains let mud behind. There in front of us was a huge orange mud Monster waiting to eat us alive. Or at least that's what Kash and Janet's horse, Deacon believed.
Janet and I looked at each other. I said, "This may be the shortest trail ride ever." Janet agreed. We both knew there was worse to come. After a few firm body language discussions, Kash and Deacon decided to take our advice. They minced through the mud. We gave them lots of praise.
Then, we came upon a small lake in the trail. Or at least that's what the horses thought. Kash looked back over his shoulder at me, as he likes to do, and said with those big brown eyes, "You want me to go in there?"
I straightened his head and gave him a nudge. He didn't budge. It appeared I could understand horse speak better than he understood rider signals. Eventually, the two horses, practically clinging to the trees on the edge of the trail, made their way past the puddle. I believe they decided, we'll go, but you'll get a few scratches for making us do it.
The day became one of lessons on walking through, around, and past water in all its forms, from small streams, to large puddles and mud monsters.
Near the end, Kash sashayed through deep mud with nary a glance, then peered back at me with a "did you see that" smirk.
Me, I gave him my best rider signal, a big, old hug. "You're such a Mudder," I said.

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