Monday, October 21, 2013

Autumn Sigh

Outside my French doors, evening is settling in with a soft sigh. It matches my feelings. Is it a fine sigh or a troubled one? Perhaps, a bit of both.
I don't enjoy the layers that cooler weather brings. First jackets, then coats, hats, gloves. At times, I get a bit grumpy about the change from bare feet to gloved hands.
Despite that, I like the evening this time of year. Then, I realize that I can't be choosy. It is best to appreciate the beauty of every day, summer, autumn, winter and spring. Life is good in all its cycles, and way too short to be bothered by little irritations.
The cold will come and it will go. Life in one form or another will continue. This thought comforts me. Evening is here. The colors soften in the drift of light over the mountains. The sun will rise after the dark. Have a peace filled end to October, all.

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